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screening off, ip logging off, anonymous on.

any and all comments welcomed. i can also be contacted on aim at oakashandwillow, on plurk at be_themoon, or by email at oakashandwillow [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Oct. 21st, 2036 05:33 pm
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"This is Max, leave a name and number and tell me what you want.
I may or may not get back to you."

[ leave a message, call her, come drop by her apartment. ]


Jun. 8th, 2013 03:47 pm
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 for stuff. and things!
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Max is a talented hacker who's been at it for around 17 years. Her skills lie more into breaking into things than encrypting them. While she's really good, she's still human and capable of both being hacked and being foiled by people also on a high level of hacking. I will always ask before she hacks anything of yours, but if you want to say yes she can or no she can't hack my things, or if you want to drop a line about something your character and her could do with regards to that, lemme know here.


Max is an empath whose abilities will only be increasing. This isn't something she uses regularly, and it is in fact a skill she's in some respects very wary of due to various events in her life, but she does tend to keep it extended as a sort of feeler for the people around her, skimming basic emotions. If you're not cool with her doing that, or if your character has blocks (she can be blocked by non psychic people who have learned how to shield) that would prevent her from reading them, or if your character would not only block her but notice her doing that, drop a note here! Again, even if you give me blanket permission unless we've discussed it I won't have her go beyond surface readings of basic emotional states. Her empathy works only in person and won't apply over the network.

on empathy mechanics, sniped from app: She can read and affect the basic emotions of people within around a half miles’ range of her, though she’s only able to affect them with any real accuracy within a much shorter range, about eyesight. She can induce fear, anger, relaxation, etc., most of the time without the person even being aware that something outside of their head is influencing them. Her abilities can be shielded against by anyone with some training, no psychic talent required, so long as they’re aware of the possibility. She hasn’t used these as much as she could have in the past decade or so, and as such she’s currently cautious about using them because she doesn’t have the subtlety necessary to keep people from realizing something’s messing with their heads. She is capable of developing an empathic link to one person (and only one person at a time – one must be broken before another can be formed) that allows her to read not only their emotions but almost their thoughts and certainly go back into their memories and also lets her work with their emotions much more thoroughly and delicately than otherwise, with their complete awareness of what she’s doing. It also increases the range from which she can affect them. In her world, empaths are not uncommon and this bond is used primarily between an empath and someone with a power that can be overwhelming - technopathy, superhearing or senses, etc. - as a way to keep that person grounded.


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