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sherlock can't answer questions like a normal human being

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[ He's known she was interested in the arc reactor for some time now. Basically since she got the chance to interact with it - more or less like everyone else, ever. Woo. But he doesn't mind it from her too much, as indicated by that whole thing - her hand on his heart. And sure, now, he doesn't really know what to make of it. He doesn't understand why he's so back and forth on the whole thing.

But this. This is a good idea. This idea that he's thinking, this one that he's set up. He's in his lab, back up in hand, shirt off, and Dummy's just finishing up connecting the end of the nodes to the monitoring device. A somewhat steady heartbeat bings out here and there on the monitor, and Tony feels fine because he knows JARVIS is monitoring all this. ]

You ready, J? Send her a text.

[ And a few moments later. ] Ms. Gibson, Sir has need of you in the workshop. Come when convenient. [ Just to get her down there. ]
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it is maddening/hilarious

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[ It's not really something he faults other like-minded engineers for being fascinated by - if it weren't something he happened to be two-fold intimate with himself, he'd probably be standing in the ranks of those who gape and stare, but as it stands, he is not. He instead, gets to deal with those ranks.

But people who understand it for what it is - not what it does, not for its placement, not the abnormality of it - the ones who genuinely get what a feat of engineering it happens to be above and beyond the additional tiny little tidbit where it's shoved into a man's chest, those people he appreciates. And she's one of those people. She's in the first few categories as well, but she does them tastefully, so he doesn't find any issues there.

The look on her face when she sees him prompts his first reply. ]
Nothing's wrong - just thought it was probably time to give you a lesson. Show me your hands, hold 'em up. [ He demonstrates, palms up, facing her. He also wiggles his fingers a little because he can and because this isn't serious. This is just a thing. ]
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yeah so do i

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[ He didn't mean to worry her at all, that really wasn't the point of this. It's all more or less just precaution. Given that it's something that requires precision, instruction, and just in general something he has a lot of feelings about, it makes sense that he would all but overprepare here. ]

I know quite a lot about your hands - that they're skilled and soft and warm, but I needed to reacquaint myself with their scale. [ It's more or less just as playful as her initial response, shrugging off any of the importance indicated with her second one. ] Gonna show you how to change this out, in case it's ever a thing. [ You know, a thing that needs happening. Just in case. And more downplaying. ] My hands are a little big to reach in properly for the older plug-ins, and while the newer stuff is easier to change out - I mean, I can do that myself - but it still seems like a good idea to show you. In the off-chance. You know.
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[ He follows her glance for a moment, taking a deep breath that's hopefully disguised as something a little more nonchalant than the fortifying gesture it actually happens to be. ] I'm just gonna talk you through it. Worked last time. [ There was only a little bit of cardiac arrest last time. It was totally fine. ] So the first thing's first, just knowing how to get the old one out. [ He points a little bit. ] This is one of the newer ones - well, it's changing out the electromagnet that really-- I'm gonna show you how to put an old one and this one back in, just to be sure, we probably ought to do a magnet if you feel like it too, but this one is more or less just in because it's plugged in and there's a small twist. So if you hold it there, and then turn it counter-clockwise, you can remove it.
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an excellent way to put it

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[ He's talking a lot. He's talking a lot because he's a little nervous, and he's in didact mode, so he's going to keep talking a lot. Probably. ] So, old, new, magnet. Three lessons. [ God if he takes too many deep breaths to keep himself in place and nonchalant then he'll just hyperventilate and flip out. As it is, he's doing an okay job at least looking to be calm. He might not really be projecting calmness that well though. ] Yeah, see if you can go ahead and just.. try with that one.
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you're like some kind of poemer

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[ He shakes his head a little bit, whether at her hesitation or her actual words, he doesn't know. ] No, I want you to know -- you need to know this, and I want you to. It'll be safe, I'll be fine. Totally cool, okay? Everything's being monitored, so. Ready whenever you are. [ And he is, more or less, but it's because she gave him that last opportunity to talk that got him there. ]
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was it something i said

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[ He had, at least, shaken his head with no hesitation. There's no room for hesitation in moments like this, because hesitation itself lies within a moment and allowing one to happen consumes the space of the other. If he hesitates, the moment will disappear like so many breaths in a hurricane, and then there will be nothing but the steady-unsteady mechanical mutterings of his heart to indicate the distance passed between the moment that could have been and the one that was.

Her left hand will probably pick up on the fact that he more or less forgets to keep breathing as her right begins to proceed. The end of the turn disconnects the majority of the RT's power, although the light from it doesn't change - the only indication of this is an intake of breath, quick and short and something that would have been more subtle had he not neglected to breathe at all for the last few seconds. ]
Great. Good job. Now just slide it out, set it down, table's right here, and then take this one. [ The hand holding the older version comes up from his side for a little bit in indication, although he's not stopped staring at her hand on the reactor, won't take his eyes off of it until she's setting it down. ]
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[ Well he feels like he has very good reasons to be neither comfortable with this nor not want it to happen, so. He's just dealing with the more emotional side while he lets the rational one dictate what is actually taking place here, attempting to keep his shields in a median state so she can sense some things, but having to keep fighting the instinct to slam them up as high and strong as he can keep them in the process.

He does let his sight linger on the hole now (it's more or less fist-sized, just too small for his own, which he supposes makes sense, because why should he be able to fix himself by himself), just for a few seconds before he lets it settle on the ceiling instead. He can't see down into it anyway, so he settles back on the headrest and starts explaining it to her. ]
It's easy, nothing to do this time but plug it in at the bottom, should be able to feel the connector first with your fingers. Like a wall socket behind a piece of furniture. You'll have to reach inside - it's not really flexible but it's not rigid enough to do it without it. Whenever you're ready. [ But quickly. Please. ]
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all i did was make a smiley face at you

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[ You know what he would probably say, if he knew that's what she was worried about right now? To stop being worried and pay more attention to what she's doing.

Not that she isn't, it's just how he would deflect it, because he's an ass like that sometimes.

It's a little weird having other people's hands in his chest too, so at least they're both vaguely uncomfortable with this situation. He can't feel most of what she's doing - if her arm is brushing against the side of the reactor wall, the casing. He can tell there's pressure, mostly around the rim of it and then again where her fingers are seeking out the connector - that part does feel weird, but he's doing such a good job not even squirming slightly under the oddness of the sensation. All things considered though, he appreciates the swiftness, the deliberateness, and while he was holding still before, he can't quite help the relieved exhale when he feels her slot it into place, feels the hum of it come back and cease the growing awareness of those tiny pieces of metal trying to jumpstart their inexorable crawl towards his heart. ]
Yeah, awesome. Perfect, once that's connected - [ ugh god it's connected and it's back on and it's all okay, it's all fine ] - then this just slides in here like the other one slid out, although it fastens just with the top casing.
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[ He's just taking a moment to feel how nice it is to have all that machinery in his chest cavity working again. At this point the hum, the slight slight vibration from the RT, it's calming. It's something reassuring to focus on sometimes when he feels the need for such a thing (which isn't often, but). When it's gone, even for a little while, the void of it crashes into him. It's dumb, because that's how he lived, that's how his organs and heart beat for the first forty years of his life, and now this is the way that he's hopelessly attached to. ]

It's fine, you did good, sorry. [ It had been a few seconds; he's not trying to worry her. ] A+, one-hundred percent, good work. So that's one done. [ Deep breath, and he's got to just keep going or he'll never get through these. ] So the next one and the first one I can do myself but I'm still going to show you in case I'm not in the position to. [ He's not even touching an attempt to outline specifics on that one with a ten-foot pole covered in bees. ] But the electromagnet I can't reach, nor can I reach the bottom of the casing, where it's closest to my heart. So if you wanna just pull this one back out - don't unplug it, just pull it out so you can slide your pretty little hand back in and look for what I'm talking about.
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i am awash with anticipation

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[ A little bit of that, he'll take a little bit of that reassurance. He doesn't allow himself a great deal of it, but a little bit he deems okay to accept. Just enough to get back on track here. Enough to keep things running smoothly. But he's not going to pull back or close off from her either. Defeats the point.

He stays still and relatively calm in the meantime, letting her feel her way around. It's still weird, the sense of feeling but not feeling - or the other way around, since it's more the latter than the other. ]
Don't take it out or anything, just see if you can find it - doesn't really feel like the r- well you know what it'll feel like. You can find the bottom of the casing too. Might need to be adjusted if I ever get hit in the chest too hard.
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I do it's half the reason i am excited

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[ It's dumb that her just saying something he was already certain of can make him relax like that. He knew she wasn't going to take it out, he shouldn't have even been worried about it. It shouldn't have been something he cared about, and yet, he's practically let out a breath of relief at the confirmation that she won't. ] Awesome. I don't feel like cardiac arrest today.

[ As for finding the things he was talking about. ] That's it right now. It isn't sitting on any nerves or vessels and the magnet's fine, I just wanted you to know where they were. [ He glances over to the side, picks up the RT that he had when they got started. He's changed his mind about showing her how to do more with the magnet than learn where it is. It seems like enough knowledge, she's not dumb, she knows how to use an electromagnet, and he's just sort of finished with moving things in his chest now. ] Take that one out and put this one back in. Might have to hit it a couple times - it's in when the lights come back on - and then twist the top the other way.
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maybe when you get here

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[ Casually joking about his own death is the healthier of the two or three ways he handles it, okay. It's actually the best method he uses.

He takes another relieved breath in when he feels her slot it back into place, when the lights come on and the hum winds up and the minute reverberations start to kick in and it's okay, everything's okay. ]
Sometimes it sticks. [ By way of belated explanation. But he's doing a quick mental systems check, looking down at the RT to make sure she did connect it right, then glancing at the screens around them. He can tell his heart-rate is find by the beeping, that's fine. It's accelerated, but that's due to adrenalin and anxiety, and he disconnects those leads and shuts the sound off before it can give him away much more than it already has. Everything else is normal. ]

Operation Heartthrob totally a success. Good job, I feel safer already.


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