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Max is a talented hacker who's been at it for around 17 years. Her skills lie more into breaking into things than encrypting them. While she's really good, she's still human and capable of both being hacked and being foiled by people also on a high level of hacking. I will always ask before she hacks anything of yours, but if you want to say yes she can or no she can't hack my things, or if you want to drop a line about something your character and her could do with regards to that, lemme know here.


Max is an empath whose abilities will only be increasing. This isn't something she uses regularly, and it is in fact a skill she's in some respects very wary of due to various events in her life, but she does tend to keep it extended as a sort of feeler for the people around her, skimming basic emotions. If you're not cool with her doing that, or if your character has blocks (she can be blocked by non psychic people who have learned how to shield) that would prevent her from reading them, or if your character would not only block her but notice her doing that, drop a note here! Again, even if you give me blanket permission unless we've discussed it I won't have her go beyond surface readings of basic emotional states. Her empathy works only in person and won't apply over the network.

on empathy mechanics, sniped from app: She can read and affect the basic emotions of people within around a half miles’ range of her, though she’s only able to affect them with any real accuracy within a much shorter range, about eyesight. She can induce fear, anger, relaxation, etc., most of the time without the person even being aware that something outside of their head is influencing them. Her abilities can be shielded against by anyone with some training, no psychic talent required, so long as they’re aware of the possibility. She hasn’t used these as much as she could have in the past decade or so, and as such she’s currently cautious about using them because she doesn’t have the subtlety necessary to keep people from realizing something’s messing with their heads. She is capable of developing an empathic link to one person (and only one person at a time – one must be broken before another can be formed) that allows her to read not only their emotions but almost their thoughts and certainly go back into their memories and also lets her work with their emotions much more thoroughly and delicately than otherwise, with their complete awareness of what she’s doing. It also increases the range from which she can affect them. In her world, empaths are not uncommon and this bond is used primarily between an empath and someone with a power that can be overwhelming - technopathy, superhearing or senses, etc. - as a way to keep that person grounded.
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Hacking: Maya's pretty average with technology so hacking is totally okay with me.

Empathy: Also 100% okay! Maya's Phaselock is more of an action skill so she doesn't actually read minds or anything and up until now she hasn't really had a reason to learn how to block anyone out. She might be a little more sensitive to it (after having her brain constantly invaded by another psychic-type lady in canon), but she won't know exactly what it is or where it's coming from unless Max decides to inform her of it. :3
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Adam is canonically godtier when it comes to hacking, though less so because he's into it himself, but rather because he has a multipurpose hacking device installed in his brain that assists him/does all the work for him. Regardless, he does know his way around tech and encryptions, though the latter are far from perfect. I'd say go ahead and hack him, but given the diagnostic sub-routine he employs, there's a high chance she'd be detected before she gets through. TL;DR TALK TO ME.


GO AHEAD. Though Adam's only moping the majority of the time I NEVER ASKED FOR THIIIS anyway. Of being painfully indifferent to whatever's going on around him.
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Hacking: Taicea has no skills with technology at all. The most advanced thing back home is asuran technology which all runs on magical crystals. And trust me, she doesn't understand that stuff. So she's free to hack anything Tai attempts to make private.

Empahty: Totally okay. Although Taicea is very open about her emotions as is.
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Hacking: Knock yourself out. Let's be honest, Galadriel's lucky if she can work the video function properly; she's not going to be doing complex encryptions anytime soon.

Empathy: Prooobably not going to pick up much. Canonly, she's got blocks around her mind strong enough to keep out Sauron and she's paranoid enough to keep them up here. In general, "old, powerful, and not-human" is about as much as I think she'd let people get. Galadriel would probably also notice any skimming... if that's okay. She's just kind of ridiculously overpowered. XD
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Both are fine, but not terribly useful: Amelia's from a society where printing presses and gunpowder are exciting and new, so she doesn't use the tablet for much more than talking. And she doesn't exactly hide her emotions, so empathy mostly picks up that she's just as sincere as she looks.
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Go for it. There aren't computers in Thedas and while Zevran has taught himself to be reasonably proficient with it, he doesn't quite trust the thing. He does try to avoid ever leaving any evidence behind on it - just like he wouldn't leave stuff on paper - so there's not likely to be very much incriminating business on it.


Totally fine. Zevran is in a lot of ways very dual, maintaining a carefree, fun and flirtatious attitude that is surprisingly not totally a mask. On the other hand, there's always some part of him that's cut off, extremely detached and wary and observant, ready to kill and make a quick getaway. He's also the type of liar that's so good at what he does that half the time he's convinced by the BS he's spouting. So he might be a bit of a complicated read.
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HACKING | The tablet is more Blaine's speed on the technological front and he probably could encrypt stuff if he fiddled around with it, but he's not going to bother. If he actually filters anything, she'd most likely be able to hack it with ease. He doesn't plan on using an Initiative device to say anything of super importance.

EMPATHY | He has no training or any inkling of how to block empathy, so she'd be able to skim him if she wanted. She'll find out that a lot of Blaine's expressions are covers for things that are completely different and he is a wary, slightly dead inside, lying liar who lies. :| When she talks to him in person I'll try to remember to put an inkling of what he's really feeling [if it's different than his expressions], since I often only put what he outwardly is showing in my descriptions for action script.
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Sure. Honestly, there's hardly any reason to. Mahdi still forgets that conversations on the tablet aren't private, so he pretty much just puts it out there. No one told him about internet predation. He's a pretty honest person so there wouldn't be a lot to find.


No problem. He pretty much wears his heart on his sleeve, however, and is every bit as kind and cheerful as he seems, most of the time.
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Yes to both for Claire here! You only need to give me a heads up with the Hacking stuff. :3
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His armor doesn't have any wireless ports or whatnot to hack.

As for Empathy, that stuff works just fine with him, but he does have some defensive training in shielding his mind which will come into play if he finds OUT she's a passive psyker.
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Ghost is...kind of terrible with encryption or anything like that so her stuff will be pretty easy to get into.

Ghost would be hard to read due to the fact she's been trained to keep out telepaths and empaths and the likes. Plus her Nether seems to mess with those things, making her difficult to read. Think of it something like a scrambled signal. If she's not actively blocking someone out the Nether will make it like whoever is trying to read her will get bits and pieces what's going on with her. Not sure how you'd want to do that with emotions (she's typically very reserved as is, almost to the point of coming off as emotionless but always wary of others she doesn't know).
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HACKING. canon doesn't give a good description of how well Kate can encrypt things, but I'm assuming she does a good job. Nothing at Max's level, though-- so, sure! Just ask first. :)
EMPATHY. I think you already know what Kate feels. :'|
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HACKING - Whatevs. Ionae is not TERRIBLY technically competent

EMPATHY - I have no problem with this, but do have a question. If Max were to contact a mind that had no special powers, but was incredibly alien and hostile, would she suffer any kind of backlash?
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Hacking: Lee pretty much does this himself so he'll know if someone else is trying to hack and may counter it. He'll play a game of cat and mouse for a while until he figures out who it is and grins before he sends out a virus. It also depends on his mood too.

Empathy: He's not really the emotional type on the surface unless it's really something that strikes him that makes him show genuine emotions. On the surface, he's very calm but inwardly, he's like a sea of range that he chooses not to show. Sadness, depression, angst, regret, they're a very big part of his life due to his upbringing and he's learned to adapt these emotions and change them outwardly to determination, ambition, and thoughtfulness that most people can't grasp just yet. He puts a great deal of forethought into his words. He's a fighter and survivor most importantly.

Lee is also flirtatious. He's not out to sleep with everyone even though he can give off that impression. He's more of a workaholic with a playboy lifestyle and he can combine the two relatively well.
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hack everything he owns, he'll never even notice

he has no shields or anything, so go for it! she'd probably get a looooot of baseline anger from him. like. 6000 years' worth. i'll make note of stuff as it comes up in threads!


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for barnaby, ranka, and peeta -

hacking; go for it! none of mine are so proficient with the tech that they'd be too difficult for her to hack.

empathy; totally fine!
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and now that my roster has changed completely, i'll add that everything's cool for oz too!
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Hacking: Seeing as Mokou will probably take a long time to understand that computers aren't living magical artifacts, you can pretty much go hog wild here.

Empathy: No particular blocks against this.
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Hacking - Nate's skills are pretty good (advantages to being raised in the far future) but he's not actually a computer guy by training, so she's welcome to get past his encryption.

Empathy - Nate is a pretty powerful telepath, so most attempts at probing him will be met by a nice solid wall of mental shielding, and potentially psi attacks back if he thinks he's being threatened.
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Ooh, poking back could lead to some potentially interesting places! I'll put a little feeler out in their current thread, and we can play it by ear, maybe?

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Hacking: Meliantha's learning, but does not in fact know much outside of the tutorials in the network devices as to how to use them. She's worked out how to do an anonymous text message, and that with some actual bullying of an Initiative tech, but Max could cheerfully and with absolutely no trouble hack into her communication.

Empathy: She also has a small device that, for about an hour a day, blocks all mental touch when activated. (If you know D&D, it casts Mind Blank.) Otherwise, she has no real resistance to reading. Controlling, however, is blocked by her sword - as long as it's within twenty feet of her, you'd need to be Xavier-level to do anything to control her mind, induce any change of emotion or such.

if you like, I can give you some ideas about what Max might pick up in a casual scan, or just put in a post if they meet up.
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O hai!

Hacking: HAHAHAHA yeah there's no way Sonic would be able to keep her from hacking anything of his.

Empathy: Sure, she can read and influence him. He's about as psychic as a stunned brick, so he wouldn't be any more aware of it than the next guy.
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medieval times so what is hacking. what is technology. what is light bulb. knock yourself out. c:

here's where it gets fun. she canonly carries around enough rage to frighten others with empath/seer/whatever abilities seconds after meeting them—and this being when she's almost cheery. she's a tiny black hole of pain and anger and revenge driven bloodlust. and this is pretty much all. the. time. no one is allowed nice things in westeros. not even when out of westeros. You can do what you like with it. She probably won't notice anything at first, though her connection to her wolf might tip her off eventually.

and oh yeah she sort of feeds her emotions to her direwolf and the animal feeds them right back. not sure if Max could pick up on that, but the neverending cycle of joyful feelings bears mentioning.
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Hacking: Kyubey has no special technological abilities, so hack away.

Empathy: Ineffective, since Kyubey has no human emotions.
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As I said on the last hacker permissions post: *Mute is a sentient security AI. Bring it on.